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Mtn Rose Grooming

Make your Schnauzer Look Like One!!

Also Groom all Small Breeds 

Up to 35 Pounds and under 15 Inch tall!!

It has come to my attention that many Schnauzer Owners would love to have there dogs look like a Schnauzer.  I started my whole business on referrals from current schnauzer owners.  Thanks to them I have the opportunity to offer grooming services for you.

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Ear Care - Mtn Rose Grooming Care Tips

As a professional groomer watching out for dogs health can be as simple as finding some wax build up in the ears. Allowing you to save on a vet bill before your dogs ears and infection get out of control. I will mention this to the owner and give the options below and recommend one of the listed treatment for there dogs ears. 
​Apple Cider Vinegar and Witch Hazel

A common astringent and disinfectant that soothes sores and works as an anti-itch remedy.
Vinegar and Water
Allows you to prepare equal parts of vinegar and water to clean all around your pets ears. Used for infections by yeast overgrowth.
Hydrogen Peroxide and Water
Prepare hydrogen peroxide and water even amounts. Allows you to maintain your dogs ears and getting rid of wax build up and dirt.

Schnauzer Bumps:

Great web site to explain Schnauzers Bumps along with Pictures and treatment solutions: