Well it all began on January 10th 2015.  When Little Abbey came into this world. It was an exciting morning because we had waited all night for something to happen.  At 7:35am Abbey came into the world of love and compassion.  Her new human mother Andrea, was so happy.  Andrea and her husband Steve own Dexter and he was the father/sire of Abbey.   

Since then Andrea has been prepping Abbey for Agility and with the fine training from Andrea she is quickly becoming the additional star of the family.  Keep watch for the video of her as she becomes and Agility Queen.  

As a breeder I am so proud of this couple that has taken a interest in my dogs and has given them lives with Love, Care.  Their love for each dog and the sport of Agility Andrea and Steve have become a real team.  Remember her name is Abbey and look forward to more video's and pictures of Andrea and Abbey 's accomplishments.

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Abbey's Agility Runs

Who is Andrea and Abbey?