MACH 2 Mtn Rose Cleared For Landing, MXB, MJB, CGC

Owner/Handler:  Steven Yost

Enjoy His Experiences

It is such a delight and a great offspring from his father Victor and grandfather Ch.Twist of Fate. He will be the Sire (father of the upcoming litter)

Dexter, MACH 2 Mtn Rose Cleared For Landing, MXB, MJB, CGC has exceeded expectations through the love and admiration of his owners Steve and Andrea Yost.

Dexter - has matured not only in his Confirmation Showing, Agility, (earning his Mach 2 and working on Mach 3) Therapy, Obedience and continued Agility runs as fast and as strong as he can.  

2013 Agility runs with Dexter and Steven Yost:

2014 Agillity Runs with Dexter and Steven Yost

May 2015  Agility Runs with Dexter and Steven Yost

New Mexico Reading Program (Dexter - Andrea Yost and Teresa on Channel 4 - ABQ)



August 2015 / Specialty Show in Colorado 2nd Link

​Dexter Mach 3 Championship Weekend Runs

Dexter  - Colorado Specialty


2016 Dexter and Steve Video at the National Agility Championship in Tulsa, OK

Note from Steve:

National (our first time)!

We had high hopes of being the #1 Miniature Schnauzers and came close.  At first I think Dexter was star struck by the level of activity and energy in the main arena for the first two runs.  We were clean the first two rounds but slower then normal and then we dropped the triple in Round 3.  Dexter seemed to be settling in and running normally by the 3rd round.  All said and done he finished #2 Miniature Schnauzer at the 2016 AKC National Agility Championship..

Looking forward to Reno in two years.

Who is Dexter and Steve?

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